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Best Types of Baby Strollers


As you sit there in the house nurturing your child sometimes it can get boring or very exhausting and you might consider taking a walk outside with the little baby. For that to happen you will need a stroller which is basically a basket-like carriage bag that has wheels and can be pushed around while the baby rests inside. Depending on the size or weight of your infant or otherwise the depth of your pockets you can different types of strollers .The following are some of the most common types of strollers that you are most likely to find out there in the open market.

Full size strollers

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These are largest strollers which can be found in the shops. They are much steadier much more expensive strollers. They have larger seating and laying allowance for the baby as they can accommodate the baby to lay flat together with the reclining seat. Although these baby strollers are the most luxurious to the baby most of these full size strollers are not attachable to the infant’s car seat.

Universal systems baby stroller car seats

The best and the most durable baby stroller car seats are the universal systems baby strollers. They are referred to as universal because they are collapsible which means can be assembled and disassembled as per your wish when in use and when idle. They are much steadier courtesy of their four wheeled frame that can usually be clicked to your infants car seat its more like a wheeled accessory for your car seat. Because of its adjustable nature it can be made to work with any infant car seat with much ease. As good as it is the universal systems baby stroller car seats are not expensive in anyway beside they tend to be cheaper than the full size strollers.

All terrain strollers  

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These are more like sport utility vehicles of strollers. They have been included all the features of the full size baby strollers together with some few additional features. Those additional features include the presence of a bassinet stage whereby the top part is designed to hold the baby while lying flat while the bassinet is designed to look like a baby’s costume whereas the baby can be placed there in a seated posture without falling sideways out of balance. They are four wheeled and they also offer a much easier way of maneuvering. They are very durable too with a light weight and full suspension wheels with all the universal functions which enable it to be used as infant car seat as well.

Joggers baby strollers 

Joggers baby strollers are three wheel designed strollers which are made specifically for the purposes of either trailing or street running. They are lightweight and include a hand break and a safety strap for the parent’s wrist in order to ensure full attention and control from the parent. Since they only have one front wheel and two rare wheels they sometime render maneuvering troublesome or rather difficult especially with control and direction.They lack the ability to be attached to the infants car seat which is a very big blow to those who wish to take their infants out for rides .